Creating a Personal Website

Step 1: Create an account and setup

1. Before we can start coding, you are going to want to go to and create an account.
2. Click the blue ` + new repl ` button
3. Select html for the language and name the repl something along the lines of personal website.

Step 2: Going on the index.html file

1. Once you are in you repl, you are going to want to go to the file named index.html.
2. After you go on this file, you are not going to want to delete any of the written code that is already on it. Now, you can begin designing your website by scrolling down to line 13 in your index code. Now you can begin coding

Step 3: Start actually coding your website and adding text

1. You can now actually start coding your website in html.
2. First, you can create the general backbone of the website by typing in:
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <h1>Roslyn Code Club</h1> <!--Heading 1-->
        <h2>by Mr. C</h2> <!--Heading 2-->
        <p>We are the Roslyn Code Club</p> <!--paragraph-->

3. h represenets a header while p represents a pargraph. Whenever you create a paragraph by using a <p> after you write inside it you must end it with </p>

Step 4: Adding images

1. Add an image by using the <img> tag.
2. Insert the URL to the image that you get from google after the <img> just like below:
<img src="">

Step 5: Do whatever you want

1. You can explore the true capabilities of a personal website and all the things you can do by going to: and looking through html.
Feel free to look up other cool things you can do to a website when coding with html!